The Stars...  the Olistic Entities

"To Desire" has its origin in the Latin language derivation De Sidera, whose translation is "Miss of the Stars" ... In honor of the Beauty of these heavenly bodies and the Enchantment that penetrates our Hearts in the act of raising our Heads to the Sky and Remain Astonished!

Starlight is also focused below...

Many types of Fuels for Space-Time Travels
T-E-F-A-G-L-A cover
The Extraordinary Frontier: A Glimpse into LIfe on Asteroids
Traveling the Heart of a Supernova Explosion via a Dynamic Stream of Neutrinos

Einstein's Reality... From Visible to Invisible!

Albert Einstein... A Visionary and Unconventional Man... Out of any Human Being Mind limited concern... The Space-Time framework... A Radical Revolution in Universe Vision... The border between Materialism and Spirituality... Rationality and Intuition...


Fron Newton to Einstein
From Newton to Einstein: evolution of Gravitation concern
A  journey in the history of the force of Gravitation
up to Einstein...  Many greetings!!!
The Effect of Dark Matter and Dark Energy on Gravitational Time Advancement
A Quantum Gravity problem: Exploring a Continous Early Universe?
An Investigation in Strings Theory to outline Supersymmetric Wormholes Nature

Electrons Relativity... Wave or Particle?

The Ambiguity of Electrons Nature... As you change the Reference System, Behaviour changes... In the Standard Model, an electron is described as a Point Mass... In some conditions, Electron Discrete Representation seems to transform in a electronic wave representation... This proves the Relativity of Life... Changing the Point of View, Everything can Change!

Electronic Wave distribution includes also...

Is it Really Possible to Overcome the Wave-Particle Duality?
The Relation between the Uncertainty Principle and the Gravitation within the Incompatible Theories Enigma

The Heart does Not have Distance!

Two Particles... So far away in the Infinite Space-Time... Each changes that occurs the first one causes a change in the second one... The Information seems to be transferred like a Magic... Just like the Sentimental Forces that flow between two Lovers... The Quantum Entanglement!

Universe Love is expanded in...

The Implications of Quantum Entaglement on Space - Time: A Focus on the Time Direction
How Can Teleportation involve Time Travels?
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